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Mr Sterling C Sample

Sterling C. Sample . A professional steel pan player from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago was born in a family of musician and steel pan manufacturers, whom we call the tuners in our country. From the day his uncle Oscar Haynes took him to the pan yard at eight years old, he fell madly in love with the instrument- the steel pan. By the age of 11 years, he was already playing songs from just hearing them.  While all the other boys were playing soccer and partying, Sterling was finding old steel-drums that were discarded by his Uncle Birth Morris. Fixing and tuning the drums, and arranging Christmas songs for himself and his cousins to play,

Sterling started playing for the folks in the neighborhood in exchange for a tip of  a dollar or a quarter. It was then that he realized that he was gifted with the talent to teach and play this lovely instrument. Sterling joined his family band, the Windside steel orchestra, comprised  of his cousins and uncle where he learnt to play all the folk songs of the West Indies like yellow bird and island in the sun just to name a few. He also spent three years with the Amoco Renegades steel orchestra from 1978 to 1980. He later joined a most prestigious band, the W.I.T.C.O Desperadoes steel orchestra, known as the finest steel orchestra in the world.

He toured with the band for a decade, which included trips to England, the U.S.A which including two trips to Carnegie Hall  and to other West Indian Islands. During his time with the band,  they won five national championships. he was elected vice captain of the band  two years before he migrated to the U.S.A in 1992, where he continued playing and teaching with the New York chapter of Desperadoes steel orchestra. Sterling was very instrumental as drill master in leading this band to a record six straight West Indian day/labor day/ pan competitions victories. after hearing the call of God in his life sterling  left steel-drums competition.  he was converted to Christianity, at Jesus I Lord Church Bellville nj by Pastor Trevor Edwards

He later  joined the  Deliverance Christian Fellowship Church in Newark, NJ.   Where he founded and launched the first all- gospel steel band in NJ,  The  Under the leadership of Bishop Elroy Benn

Sterling has spent his time Ministering, and Teaching others to play the steel pan in  various houses of worship in USA /  and the world. which Included a missionary trip to the Paris Christian Center in Paris France with Apostle Cassius Farrell  of the Love Of Jesus Church in Paterson NJ  Sterling Ministered to a congregation of about two thousand Believers who never heard the steel -drums  and was warmly received by the anointing of his playing.  he has his own company called Island Music Steel Drums which performs at weddings, Church Banquets, private and corporate functions.

Sterling loves God, People and Music and has been Married to Wendy Sample for over 18 years who he met when he was 19 they have two Daughters Shenell and Stephanie and a Son Sterling jr,  also two GrandChildren  Elie and Natasha Esther Smalls .he is also a part of the worship team of musicians at the love of jesus church in Paterson Nj Under the leadership of Apostle Cassius and First Lady Mary Farrell .        And has recently founded the World steel-drums Training center of America for Online courses in learning how to play and improve your skills On  the steel drums