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 Beginners Intermediate & Advanced Steel Drum players Tips & Techniques for next level playing 


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 Learn to play steel drums at your own pace on your own time at your own place from anywhere in the world or take your skills to another level by understanding chord patterns and how music really works on the steel-drums play any song any time in any key get 60 days of free training.

About Us

Beginners Training




#1. your choice of steel drums/pans most favorite is the lead Tenor Pan followed by Double Seconds then the Double Tenor which is more for harmonization followed by the Cellos / Guitar/and Quadrophonic.  you will need the appropriate sticks for each Pan and appropriate stands

#2  Computer  with  or without a camera for your personal one on one training or online courses

#3 pens:Markers:NoteBook:Time and be willing to learn.

Intermediate and Advance Players




At Least 1 year experience playing steel- Drums/pan  music]

#1..  steel drums/pans  Pan Sticks.

#2  Computer  with  or without a camera for your personal one on one training or online courses.

#3 pens:Markers:NoteBook:Time and must be willing to learn from a different approach

steelpantutor for ipad click the link below

Steelpan Tutor for iPad


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take your steel drums anywhere with you on your Ipad

Steelpan Tutor for Windows And Mac


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 this wonderful app actually teaches you hundreds of songS when you access the midi section . see the notes light up in different colors